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Sourcing Channels – what’s all the fuss about?


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Recruiting gold

Original post:…


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Reflections on the Social Recruiting Summit, May 2010

This is a very belated post. Last month I dragged my exhausted jet-lagged ass to the Social Recruiting Summit in Minneapolis, USA. It took me 5 flights to get to Minneapolis and over 20 hours of flying time - it was partly my fault as I decided to travel the less direct route from New Zealand via Australia to the USA. I just want to confirm that NZ is nowhere near France or England or somewhere in the USA - I had to point this out to a few summit attendees. This is the…


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How are you using Social Media in your HR/recruitment strategy?

I am conducting a poll as to the use of Social Media through-out the employee life cycle, if you could answer the poll below I would appreciate it.

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To CV…or not to CV?

We are all reading the hype with social media, so what are some fundamental uses or changes in our business in amongst all that ‘noise’? When it comes to new media and communications, it’s a jungle out there…and for the past 12 months I’ve said “Right…we’ve got to keep up!" So here’s my take about one area.

The CV was and still is a critical personal branding document – but various recent client comments... especially when clients comment about the look, content and…

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Social Recruiting – Are you a fence sitter?

Social Recruiting, it is a myth to many, a fad to some, a living for others and a no brainer for all but a few. It is the new channel for companies to focus a percentage of their…


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Holding Back the Sea; Professional Bodies and Social Media

My company, Mindset or I personally are members of a number of professional bodies; the Recruitment and Consulting Services Association (RCSA), the Institute of Management Consultants (IMC), Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD), and the Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI) to name a few.

I have also in the past been a member of the Institute of Professional Engineers of New Zealand (IPENZ) and its Australian equivalent the IPEA. I’ve even been a member of union,… Continue

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What social networking platform has been of most help to recruiters in Q1 2010?

I started a discussion last week on several social networking platforms. The question was, “what social networking platform has been of most help to recruiters in Q1 2010?" Being a social media enthusiast, the responses were very insightful and helped us at HireLabs to better understand the social recruitment industry. From over 500+ responses to the question above, following is what we have :

1. LinkedIn – 30%

2. Facebook – 25%

3. Twitter – 29%

4. Others –… Continue

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My #trulondon - Random thoughts and ramblings

I wanted to wait a few weeks till I wrote my blog on what my takeaways were from #trulondon to let them sink in properly. For me, it was a great event. Logistically, we had a few problems and hands up, we made a few cock ups that we need to get right, mostly around communication and things like coffee and lunches. We have learnt plenty of lessons, and for that side of the event ,I would score 4/10. We went in to the event without a plan B, and when things didn’t quite work out we came a bit…


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Social media as part of background checking (Part 1)

Right now the Australian online recruitment community have started some very health debate/discussion about the concept of using the content from… Continue

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An Unconference you say.....

In May this year Bill Boorman is bringing is hugely successful and popular TRU Events…


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Social Media candidate background checks

Ok, so there is a fierce debate going on here Down Under at the moment as to the ethical and moral reasons for conducting Social Media background checks on candidates. With Social…


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Google Buzz – The New Buzz in Town

The Google Buzz is yet another innovative creation of Google in response to Twitter and Facebook. How is it better? Well, firstly it has the convenience of, quite literally, being right there in your Gmail Inbox. Secondly, conversations are threaded and can also be made in private but most importantly, it doesn’t have a word limit like Twitter does. You own your content, choose and filter how you want to see your messages and it doesn’t crowd your inbox… Continue

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Social Recruiting, its more then you think.

So you think you are utilising Social Media for your recruitment efforts. Well to a degree you probably are. You have a Twiiter account, you search LinkedIn when you can, and you are about to jump in to Facebook to see if you have any new fans, and maybe just maybe you have plans for a video of some sort promoting your wonderful work environment.

This is great, you have started. but is that really everything? The term that we use is Social Recruiting, for most people it covers the… Continue

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Tru Unconferences reach Africa

I’m not a tree hugger, well I am, but not in the ‘protest and chain myself to a bark for the day’ type of tree hugger. However I do believe in karma of sorts. Allow me to take recruitment down the spiritual path for a sentence or two.

So we are all connected, from the small ant to the great white. Indeed someone told me once that if it weren’t for ants, the human race would not exist (something about the biological ecosystem community, I have no idea, and haven’t got round to… Continue

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Yesterday's 'Social Media: A Recruitment Revolution' event in Melbourne - participant and "lurker" takeaways / impressions

Did you attend yesterday's event, or watch the Twitter-stream? What were your thoughts? What was the vibe like? Were there any standout moments? Did it challenge your thinking / get you thinking?

I just noticed Michael Specht wrote a blog post on the event - does… Continue

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Fall out from Recession - No.18!

Where are all the new business sales people, the hunters – you know, the ones who actually get sales for companies – they've left the building and in some cases the country!

We've been submerged in the field of recruitment for the Freight & Logistics area for over 22 years and have noticed that there is an obvious fall out from the recession – outside of the ever present…


Posted by Marie Howley-Watson on May 1, 2014 at 12:41

Mobile recruitment – The sleeping giant (Human Resources magazine article Dec 2012 - Jan 2013)

Thought I'd share Part 1 of my article which appeared in the HRINZ Human Resources magazine. 

Mobile recruitment – The sleeping giant

Posted by Paul Jacobs on December 14, 2012 at 15:19

Thoughts on #truNZ

I have a guest blogger on my blog this week who has shared her thoughts on the first #truNZ event in Auckland this week.  Take a bow Hassanah Rudd. Plenty of great take aways to ponder.

Posted by Richard Westney on December 13, 2012 at 21:12

Employment Today article Dec 2012 - Shine Lawyers Australia - social recruiting journey

Just published - nicely written piece from Recruitment Asia Pacific member Richard Long.

Article link: 

Employment Today article - Shine Lawyers Australia social recruiting journey 

Other links: - TV commercial…


Posted by Paul Jacobs on December 11, 2012 at 11:21

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